Storytellers from Wexford’s Houses visit day-care centres, nursing homes and local hospitals regularly.  This is by local arrangement.  Storytellers from abroad also visit as part of learning programmes organised by the County Wexford Public Library Service.


The public library service incorporates storytelling into activities such as family fun-days, reading promotion events, local festivals, and contributions to national celebrations.   Storytellers work in the public libraries and do outreach work in creches, day-care centres and schools.   In its work with children, storytelling makes a link into the written word and reading, as well as self-expression through creative writing. 


“The Library Service sees the power of storytelling in bringing children to reading;  in developing communication skills;  in supporting  family life across generations;  in validating the life experiences of older members of the community;  in recording elements of local folklore – the list goes on and on.   Storytelling is an important aspect of the heritage and contemporary life of County Wexford.   It deserves its celebration.”  Anna Fenlon, Deputy Chair of Wexford County Council, speaking on the final night of the 2004 Storytelling Festival.

Storytelling Workshop

Materials on storytelling practice and practitioners are carried within the library catalogue.
Prior to the introduction of the Oral History recording programme in 2008, a Collecting Project was organized in North West County Wexford during 2002.  Download the report here
Reading Down the Ages was a parallel project which introduced a combination of storytelling and reminiscence, reading aloud and literature in selected nursing homes and public libraries throughout 2003.  This public library project was supported by the County Wexford Vocational Education Committee. Download the executive summary here (word doc 84 kb).
A summary report and recommendations by Dr Donald Smith, Chief Executive Officer of the Scottish Storytelling Centre on his review of the  2004 Wexford Storytelling Festival can be downloaded here.

Storytelling Symposium

Through the Storytelling Symposium held in November 2005, we celebrated achievement, planned for the future and built upon the success of recent storytelling, learning and community developments in Wexford.
With this public consultation, we looked to the future to ensure the continuation of successful projects and the development of new, innovative ones.
The story so far…   Storytelling, learning and community development – a symposium November, 2005
This consultation influenced development in the areas of skills development and communications in particular.