The County Wexford Storytelling Network was set up in 2000 to sustain and develop storytelling in County Wexford.  It draws its membership from the local community storytelling houses and the Wexford County Council Public Library Service.

The Storytelling Network seeks to:

  • build up the expertise of local storytellers by encouraging them to perform locally, and by providing training opportunities for amateur storytellers and other enthusiasts
  • engage in research, collect and record local stories, and extend the availability of and access to suitable research and reading materials.
  • encourage storytelling countywide to expose people to a variety of styles and to grow both audiences and participants
  • support existing storyhouses and support the development of new centres if appropriate.
  • The County Wexford Storytelling Network is committed to form, preserve, index and collate information about storytelling in County Wexford.  It wishes to make the results of this research available to the general public through the Wexford County Council Public Library facility.  It aims to inspire awareness of storytelling through the organisation of lectures, workshops, exhibitions and publications.  The County Wexford Storytelling Network is determined to facilitate greater access to storytelling, thus making it easier for the general public to experience, understand and participate in the skill.

    The County Wexford Storytelling Network has powers too engage specialist and management services, to publish, to seek support from private, commercial, government, & international government sources to support educational activities as appropriate

    Geographic Spread

    The Network embraces rural communities and Storytelling Houses in Oulart, Bunclody,  Ballindaggin, Ballyduff, Crossabeg, Glenbrien & Clonegal as well as the counties public library service. Members perform in primary schools, nursing homes, day-care centers and hospitals, and within festivals and feiles as well as in the Houses themselves.

    A calendar of public performances in the Storytelling Houses is produced on-line and is printed quarterly.

    Attendance at all our County Wexford Storytelling Houses is free.  All are Welcome.


    Record of Achievement


    1. Website launched in August 2009
    2. 11th Storytelling Festival held in November 2009


    1. Introduction of Library Oral History recordings programme
    2. 10th Storytelling Festival held
    3. Development of website begun


    1. Qualification of 32 students in Third level accredited course [May]
    2. Publication of The Wishbone: a book of narrative poems,
    3. Masterclass for graduates with University of Glamorgan (November)
    4. Festival 9


    1. Cross-generational project in selected schools
    2. Third level accredited course in Storytelling Practice initiated with University of Glamorgan
    3. Festival 8


    1. June : launch of the Crossabeg Storytelling House
    2. November : The story so far: conference
    3. Festival 7


    1. Strategic Review
    2. Festival 6


    1. Crossabeg Storytelling House project begun
    2. Reading down the Ages project
    3. Festival 5


    1. Oulart and Clonegal Storytelling Houses set up
    2. Local stories collection project – with Heritage Council support
    3. Festival 4


    1. Bunclody Storytelling House set up
    2. Festival 3, with focus on Wales.
    3. Mini- programme for elderly people in late spring introduced.


    1. County Wexford Storytelling Network established.
    2. Festival 2
    3. Castledockrell Storytelling House set up [disbanded since]
    4. Schools programme introduced
    5. Coordinated calendar of scheduled of dates & venues introduced


    1. Six week training course for adult amateur storytellers piloted
    2. First Storytelling Festival